Three Important Factor Of SEO

Three Important Factor Of SEO

1. On-page SEO
There are many aspects that play into how Google ranks websites in its organic search results, particularly in regard to internal links. Internal links are links from page to page on your own site and can be valuable sources of both traffic and SEO. You should include this type of link in your content multiple times throughout your different pages. As long as the pages are relevant to each other internally, then you're good to go.


2. Off-page SEO
Off-page SEO refers to links outside of your control. This includes any links that point back to your site. If someone else has created a link to your site, then you want to make sure that that link is natural and relevant to your business. You'll want to check out some off-page SEO tools to help you track where those links are coming from.

3. Mobile-friendliness
Google now gives mobile-friendliness a ranking factor in its algorithm, meaning that mobile users are starting to get priority placement in organic search results. To optimize your site for mobile devices, consider using responsive design techniques to create sites that automatically adjust their layout based on the device being used.

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