Important Terms In SQA

Important Terms In SQA

Software Security is the process of designing and building software that can identify and remove flaws from the code. This is done through the use of automated tools that are used to test the software's functionality. These tests are designed to find potential vulnerabilities in the software. Once identified, these issues are then fixed before being released to the public.

Testing is the process of verifying whether or not the software works correctly. This is done by running the software through various scenarios and checking if it functions properly. When bugs are discovered, they are fixed before being released to users.

Vulnerability is the term given to any flaw in the design of a system. A vulnerability can be anything from a simple typo in the code to a major bug that could potentially cause harm to the user.

The flaw is a technical term used to describe a weakness in the design of a program. A flaw may be something as small as a typo or as large as a major bug that could lead to serious consequences.

The bug is the term used to describe a problem in a computer program. Bugs can range from minor errors to major glitches that could potentially damage the entire system.

Fixing is the act of correcting a bug or flaw in a piece of software. Fixes are usually performed after the discovery of a bug has been reported.

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